snowpocalypse 2016

Snow.  Or something.

Hello from the snowy side!

hate being cold, so naturally, winter is my least favourite season.  However: snow is gorgeous.  Due to living way up in the mountains and thirty minutes from civilization, I got a lot of snow – 10 inches!  As my driveway is quite long and Charlie is quite not-four-wheel-drive, alas, I’m quite stranded!  Two days so far!  But only three hours without power! a.k.a. designated nap time.  #CountYourBlessings

I have enjoyed la neige somewhat.  It broke all the trees in my yard.  😦  But I devoured two batches of snow cream.  🙂   Waddling out into the far reaches of my property, the camera and I captured what I imagine Russia would look like.  It’s lovely.  Spring will be here soon, right?

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Curmudgeonly cat lady living in the mountains of North Carolina. Occasional artist, former thespian, unwitting mathematician, constant explorer. Collects hobbies and drinks tea.

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