Waterfall Tour

Cullasaja Falls

Recently we acquired a bit of rain.  It was predicted to be “catastrophic” – and in our sister state it was, bless her heart.  However, we fortunately received nothing more than a proper amount.  A little fall of rain, if you will.

As it was enough to close the golf course for the first time in eleven years and thus have me work only four hours, I had plenty of time to go on “an adventure.”  Armed with my brilliant camera, I, the guerrilla ‘photographer’ [insert chortle here] braved wet leaves and tourists – the most dangerous part – to take pictures of water.  *oooh*

During the journey, I spied with my little eye: two people making out, amidst the rapids where people have died.  Alas, romance.  Additionally I found a secluded picnic spot, that looked as if it were once the spot for witchy rituals.  Going a little further back, it opened on to a little rock beach, which was quite neat and secluded. Nature, yo.

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Curmudgeonly cat lady living in the mountains of North Carolina. Occasional artist, former thespian, unwitting mathematician, constant explorer. Collects hobbies and drinks tea.

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