And thus, I emerge from the shadows.

Long time.  No see.  This header is a metaphor.A handful of you, non-existent readers,may recall that once upon a time I blogged a lot.  For years.  And quite frequently, I daresay.  Of course, my life was significantly more interesting at that point, just as was significantly more interesting.  Now I’m just twenty-five and boring.

For instance:  I ripped up carpet this summer.  Fascinating.

Nevertheless, I can easily say cha-cha-changes are happening.  Well, they’ve been happening, I ‘spose, but I haven’t formerly documented them because my spirit died along the way.

But, much like Frankenstein’s monster, it’s flickering back to life, so I’m back.  Biotch.

A quick update on life as I know it:  I graduated college.  Twice.  I now have three degrees and a job in none of them.  I have dated some guy for about eight months; he’s very nice.  I stumbled around and tried to teach mathematics at an alternative school.  I’m working at a country club making tee times and substantial money for the first time in my life.  My mother is currently taking chemotherapy for leukemia.  I have four cats.

I’m sure I’ll discuss all these things at length with time, as I love journaling the mundane aspects of my mundane life.

So for now, I post a link to Facebook so my immediate circle can know just how uninteresting my life is and enjoy in said revery.  Turn back now.  Do not pass go.

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Curmudgeonly cat lady living in the mountains of North Carolina. Occasional artist, former thespian, unwitting mathematician, constant explorer. Collects hobbies and drinks tea.

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